Naruto Dating

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Game Info: Naruto Dating

I have stumbled upon this dating game while searching Naruto games. Guide Naruto as he tries to win the affection of the different Female ninjas in the Naruto world.

Game Controls:

Mouse: for navigating around dialog and choosing talk options to advance the story.


The game is very easy and entertaining and can be fun to play on your short breaks. What I dislike is that the game is a bit too short and linear for a dating game but it was fun to read through the conversations.

Source:Naruto Kun Games.

How to Play:

You play as Naruto, the number one ninja in surprising people and also the loudest in the Naruto series in an attempt to create a love relationship between the other female ninjas of the series. Choose you replies carefully in order to progress in the game. Failure to do so may end up backing one step or worse a new game.

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