Battle For Leaf Village

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Game Info: Battle For Leaf Village

The Battle for Leaf Village is going on and it’s up to Naruto to try and save his beloved Hidden Leaf Village. This RPG game is based on the time when Orochimaru attacked the Konoha during the time of the Final Chuunin Selection Exam. Guide Naruto towards the end and defeat along the way the hidden sound ninjas.

Game Controls:

Mouse: For dialogues, map navigation and changing game controls
Arrow keys: directional movements
Space Bar: for physical attacks
X button: for secondary attacks (can be modified depending on the power up at hand)


The game is quite fun and challenging specially when those sound ninjas team up to try and beat Naruto. Watch how Naruto beat these guys with his signature moves and ninja tools and abilities. The game is fairly long enough to keep players playing and it also has a story line to make the game more interesting.

Source: Cartoon Network

How to Play:

Build up Naruto's character by going on a series of battles and journey in this Naruto RPG game. Defeat the hidden sound ninjas you encounter and raise Naruto's level and arm him with better ninja equipment and skills through the power ups found in the game. Be sure not to let your life points go low as it might end up Naruto's ninja life. There are also ramens (Naruto's favorite food) in the game which can help replenish Naruto's life bar allowing him to continue beating up the bad guys.

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