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Game Info: Naruto-Hand-Signs

Naruto Hand Signs is a simple memory game that uses Naruto hand signs as the objects. Hand signs in Naruto are the hand formations ninja use to execute a certain jutsu (ninja ability). Also, note that every hand sign is assigned an animal name. Most jutsus require certain hand seal/sign combinations to be executed. Most of the time the harder and stronger the jutsu, the more complicated the seal combination becomes.

Game Controls:

Mouse: For opening the objects and checking the hand signs if they match.


The game is easy and good for the brain as it lets your brain work on something. Naruto hand signs is a good and fun game that is fun to play during short breaks.

Source: NarutoKunGames

How to Play:

The game is easy and will involve slight memory usage for you to remember the correct pairs. The objective of the game is to open the tiles and check its contents if it matches with the previous tile. The game ends when you pair all the tiles. You can only open two tiles at a given time, once you try to open a third tile, the other two closes. It is more like a guessing game at first, but will need to use your memory once the game goes on. The game comes in three difficulties in which in harder the modes there are more objects you are going to pair up with.

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