Naruto Ultimate Battle

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Game Info: Naruto Ultimate Battle

Choose from the available Naruto characters and show off your cool Jutsu and ninja abilities in a showdown between the formidable ninjas in the Naruto world.

Game Controls:

The game controls are customizable allowing for flexible gameplay experience.

- Directional Keys: for moving your character in four directions.
- Normal attack: for normal attacks
- Special attack: for performing special attacks that require chakra
- Guard key: for blocking attacks

Aside from these normal commands, there are also a lot of hidden moves in the game. Some moves and special abilities require combination of directional keys, normal attack or even special attack to be performed.


The game is pretty simple yet hard to master. It is a simple arcade style game that has its ups and downs. One of its advantage is that it can be played directly without downloading anything. Also the characters show off some signature moves that are from the the Naruto anime itself, which is a pleasure to watch if you are a Naruto fan. Due to its simplicity, there are only a few moves and abilities in the game which takes the fun away with just a couple of plays.

Source: Mofunzone

How to Play:

Choose among the three game modes: Single player mode (play against AI), Multiplayer mode (play against another human controlled character) and Training Mode (Practice your skills here). Choose from the available Naruto characters to be your fighter. Beat all your enemies and achieve the title of the best ninja in Naruto Ultimate Battle. Playing with single player mode and beating the game can unlock new Characters for use.

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